Per Massachusetts Department of Public Health guidance (May 29, 2021), face coverings remain mandatory for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in health care facilities.

Las cubiertas faciales siguen siendo obligatorias tanto para las personas vacunadas como para
las que no estan vacunadas en los centros de salud.


1. If you or someone in your household has flu-like symptoms, fever, or has reason to think they may have been exposed to COVID-19, please call to reschedule your appointment.

2. Please BRUSH REALLY WELL before you leave to come to our office. If you are coming to have your braces adjusted, our orthodontic technicians will be unable to properly adjust your braces if they are coated with food, plaque and other debris!

3. Wear a mask. Any individual over the age of 2 who enters our office must have a face covering.


1. When you arrive at the office, park your car but DO NOT ENTER THE BUILDING! Our waiting room is closed so your car will be your temporary waiting room. If you arrive on foot, please wait outside the front door. Please call (978) 745-7363 to let us know you have arrived. Once the patient is checked in, we will call you when it is time to meet us at the front door. At that time, one of our staff will escort the patient inside for pre-appointment procedures.

2. One of our assistants will verify your health information and make sure the patient and parent have a mask to wear. We will then escort the patient inside where they will then be directed to the dental chair for their appointment.

3. We request that a parent or guardian be available during the appointment to speak with a team member or doctor by phone.


1. A staff member will escort the patient outside.

2. BEFORE YOU START YOUR CAR AND LEAVE THE PARKING LOT, PLEASE CALL US TO SCHEDULE YOUR NEXT APPOINTMENT. Failure to schedule the next appointment immediately may result in a limited selection of appointment dates and times for the next visit.

Thank you for your attention to these new procedures and cooperation.