The Switch Witch

Halloween is finally behind us and you can once again find parking in downtown Salem.  But now you may be faced with a new problem:  too much candy at home.  Your children may have gone trick-or-treating multiple times and many homes now feature candy stashed in a wide variety of locations.  Many patients this week have been talking about the incredible numbers of goodies they collected and all the creative places they’ve hidden those treats.  As those treats are slowly consumed over the coming weeks and months, the risk of cavities increases.

We suggest an increasing popular solution to this problem — The Switch Witch.  A cousin of The Tooth Fairy, The Switch Witch does business in a similar fashion.  Children leave their candy for The Switch Witch who visits overnight and leaves behind a toy or other desirable item.

If The Switch Witch is coming to visit your home this week, you might consider a different approach from the one used by Marge Simpson in the video below:

Read more about The Switch Witch in this article from Parents Magazine.


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