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Dental 911

Dental 911: How to Handle Common Teeth Crises

Dental nightmares can come true, as much as you hope it doesn’t happen to you! If you’re lucky, a quick call to the dentist can get you seen immediately, but what happens if disaster strikes when the office is closed, you’re traveling, or some other less than ideal scenario? Find out how you can help manage the situation until you get the professional care you need.

What to Do If…

You have a fractured ...

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Extra teeth?

A common question among new patients at our office is, “Does my child have the right number of teeth?”  The answer depends on the age of the child.

Newborn children rarely have teeth.  However, a small percentage of babies are born with one or more teeth already present.  These teeth are known as natal teeth and are often removed because they frequently have underdeveloped roots and pose a choking risk for an infant.

During the first 2-3 years of a child’s life, ...

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